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Crinoid Plate  180 MYA 45.5"Hx 23.5"x 1.75"D

Holzmaden, Germany $18,000

Ichthyosaur  180MYA

Holzmaden, Germany 

37"Hx 21"Wx 2"D  $2500


Tortoise Thompsonii, Oligocene

Brule Formation, SD 65.5-23 MYA

9"Lx 8"Wx 5"D   $800

Subhyracodon,  Oligocene 65.5-23 MYA

Brule Formation, SD  17"Lx7"Wx6"D $900

Glossopteris, Permian 299-251 MYA

Australia  14.5"H x 12"Wx 2"D


Ammonite Cadoceras     $400

Jurassic (Calovian)

166.31-163.5 MYA

Talkeetna Mts, Alaska  6"x 6.5"x 3"

Hematite (Morocco)  6"H x 9.5"W x 5"D $400


Fossil Leaves   Chickaloon Formation, Alaska    

Paleo-Eocene 55.5 MYA  10"H X 15"L X 1"D  $450

Fossil Leaves    Green River, Wyoming  

11.5"H X 13.5"W X 3/8"D    Eocene  50 MYA  $400

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