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An artistic appreciation for the cultural arts of West Africa
Fang Female Mask.jpg
Paintings by Carol Kucera incorporating authentic West African cultural artifacts which are permanently affixed to the canvas.   

Punu Mukudj.png

Punu Mukudj  Acrylic on canvas, 
Punu mask, Gabon  assorted beads
28 X 28  $2800

Fang Female Mask  Acrylic on canvas
Fang wood mask, Gabon 34" X 22"

Maasai Moran.jpg
Kpelie Senoufo_edited.jpg

Kpelie Senoufo  Acrylic on canvas  Kpelie,  N. Ivory Coast or S. Mali  10" X 36" $2500

Guro Spirit Guide_edited.jpg

Fang Long Mask  Acrylic on canvas
Fang wood mask, African bone beads
48" X 26" $4200

Fang Long Mask.jpg

Maasai Moran  Acrylic on canvas
Carved wood Maasai warrior figures
from Kenya,  28" X 28" $2700

Tikar Harvest Blessing.jpg

Horned Spirit Guide,
Acrylic on canvaa Tribal Mask
Ivory Coast 40"X 20" $2700

Guro .jpg

Tikar Harvest Blessing  Acrylic on canvas
38" X 18" $2700 Tikar Mask Cameroon
Congolo nuts W. Africa

Baoule Horned Mask, Acrylic on canvas, cowrie shells, Ivory Coast  40"x18" $2800

Baoule Bird Mask  Acrylic on canvas
Mask Ivory Coast, Congolo nuts,
West Africa   36" X 16" $2400 


Kuba Shield I.jpg

Tribal Shield I  Acrylic on canvas 44" X 32" $4800

Kuba Shield II.jpg

Tribal Shield II  Acrylic on canvas 44" X 32" $4800

Morning Sky Guardian.jpg
Fang Cultural Guardian.jpg

Fang Cultural Guardian Acrylic on canvas  16" X 18" $1500
Fang Mask Gabon

Twilight Sky Guardian.jpg

Morning Sky Guardian   Acrylic on canvas
Tribal Shield   48" X 24" $4000



Congo  Acrylic on canvas  44" X 34"
$4900  Kuba Mask D.R. Congo
Iron snake Mali

Twilight Sky Guardian Acrylic on canvas
Tribal Shield  46" X 22" $3700

Night Sky Dancer.jpg

Night Sky Dancer Acrylic on canvas
Fang Mask, Gabon, Brass snake Ghana 46" X 26" $4200

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