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Polychrome Red Ware

JC Floral Hope 3.jpg
JC Floral Hope 2.jpg
Floral Hope Jar 6.75"H X 5.5"W $400  SOLD
JC Pueblo Pescado round bowl.jpg
JC Pueblo Pescado round bowl II.jpg
Pueblo Pescado Jar  Polychrome red ware 4 fish on one jar
5.5"H X 7"W  $400
Northern Star Plate.JPG
Northern Star Plate 7.5" W  $400
Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 3.46.17 PM.png
Bowtie 2022 Jar  6.5"H x.5"W $900 SOLD
Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 3.47.04 PM.png
JC Autumn Rain Plate.jpg
Pinwheel Web 4"W $80
JC New Mexico Hills jar.jpg
Monsoon Plate  12.5"W  $500
JC Summer bowl.jpg
New Mexico Hills Jar
4.75"H X 5"W    $200
Summer Bowl  2"H X 5.25"W  $150
JC Constellation (4 pcs set).jpg
Constellation (Set of 4 Stars Jars) from left: 3.4"H x 3.5"W; 5"H x 5"W; 4.25"H x 5"W;
3.25"H x 4"W  $650 the set
JC Pumpkin Jar.jpg

Pumpkin Jar 6.75"H x 8"W $380

JC Flower Pot .jpg
JC Checkered Jar.jpg
Checkered Jar  5.6"H  X 8"W  $700

Flower Pot 4" x 6.5" $220

Tulip 2023.JPG

Tulip Bowl  8"W x 3/5"H $400

Snow Tulip.JPG

Snow Tulip  shallow bowl  6.5"H x 1.5"W $200

JC Galaxy Jar II.jpg
Galaxy Jar II  9.25"H X 10"W  $1800
JC Social Butterflies 3.jpg
JC Social Butterflies 2.jpg
JC Social Butterflies 1.jpg

Social Butterflies  (Three views)  4.75"H X 3.75"W  $120

JC Southwest Sip.jpg
JC Southwest Sip full length.jpg
Southwest Sip canteen, leather strap, wood stopper  8"H X 6.5"W  $200 
JC Daisy Bowl closeup detail.jpg
JC Daisy Bowl  dough bowl.jpg
Daisy (dough) Bowl  6.25"H X 12.5"W  $2400
Navajo Concho Belt stamped Kenny Redhorse

Ten conchos on black leather, 45" long  $1800

Won first prize in Navajo competition in Flagstaff, AZ c1990 Collection Carol Kucera

Concho Belt, Navajo, Kenny Red Horse circa 1989
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