Trees are amazing! They give us comfort, shelter, a place to play, and a place to gather with loved ones. Over the years they tirelessly sustain us in joy and grief, marking our milestones and carrying forth our memories into the next generation. When responsibly harvested, their wood, as beautiful and varied as their leaves and blossoms, furnish us with home and hearth, extending their reach into our daily lives.

'In Praise of Trees' is a celebration of the many ways trees enhance our lives. These works combine paintings reflective of the essence or trees with actual wood, carefully selected to bridge artistic abstraction and reality. I asked Cindy Dick to join me in producing this collection by applying her ability to reveal the hidden beauty of the wood. She has done so masterfully.


   Carol Kucera

The beauty of wood...
Every piece is unique.  Every piece has taught me something.  The beauty unveiled itself as I moved through the sanding grits: 50, 80, 120, 220, 320, 400, 600.  Each one revealed more colors, patterns and mystery.  Wood lives on through artwork, its inner beauty able to be enjoyed by the beholder for generations. 


   Cindy Dick

Images not to scale
A Light in the Forest.jpg

A Light in the Forest  Acrylic on canvas
on Baltic birch board, Spalted Hackberry
24"x15.25" $1150

Lost Beach.jpg

Abandoned Beach  Acrylic on watercolor paper on stretched canvas Weathered wood
13.75 X14" $900

Flower Wood.jpg

Flower Wood Acrylic on canvas on Baltic Birch board Sycamore 12"x14" irreg. $700

Sun, Wood and Water.jpg

Bridge  (joined diptych) Acrylic on canvas  Poplar
46"x28.5" $4700

Sky Wood.jpg

Sky Wood  Acrylic on canvas, Spalted hackberry 
24"X 40" $3300

Story Wood.jpg

Story Wood  Acrylic on canvas, Spalted Hackberry
  20"x36" $2800

Wood Work .jpg

Sun, Wood and Water  Acrylic on canvas on board  Aromatic cedar  28.5"x22" $2000

Wood Work Acrylic and collage  
on canvas  Willow acacia   20"X14"

Guardian Eagle.jpg
More Precious than Gold.jpg

More Precious than Gold Acrylic on canvas, Mesquite  16"x28"x3" $1700

Wintertide Acrylic on canvas, Prismacolor, Mesquite
34"x34" $3800

Guardian Eagle Acrylic on canvas
Mesquite 40"X32"X2.5" $5500                                              

Gate Tree.jpg
Flaxen Wood.jpg

Flaxen Wood  Acrylic on canvas Mesquite 14"X30" $1800

Golden Wood.jpg

Gate Tree     Acrylic on canvas
Mesquite  33"X30"X2.75" $4500

Golden Wood  Acrylic on canvas  Mesquite 16"X34"X2.5" $2100              

Ghost Wood.jpg

Ghost Wood  Acrylic on canvas  Mesquite
20"X26"X2.5" $2000 

Rain Wood.jpg

Rain Wood  Acrylic on canvas Mesquite
34"X20"X2.5" $2500


Nest  Acrylic on canvas on board  Redwood burl  24"X26" $2200

Desert Wood.jpg

Desert Wood  Acrylic on canvas  Mesquite  28"X12" $1400

Fog Forest.jpg

Fog Forest  Acrylic on canvas Redwood burl  18"X30" $2000

Seasonal Swing.jpg

Seasonal Swing Acrylic on canvas on board
Redwood burl  21"X24" $1800


Wood Block Acrylic on canvas on board 
Red Oak  27"X 9.5"X 2" $1000

Ring-span Acrylic on canvas
Redwood burl 32"X16" $1900

Sun Wood.jpg

Sun Wood Acrylic on canvas on board
Aromatic cedar 11"X10" $600

Sand Wood.jpg

Sand Wood Acrylc on canvas on board
Aromatic cedar 12"X12" $700

Sea Wood.jpg

Sea Wood Acrylic on canvas on board
Aromatic cedar 12"X11" $650

Tree Talk.jpg

Tree Talk Acrylic on canvas 30"X34" $3400