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Images not to scale
Mt. Wood view 1.jpg

Truth  Acrylic on canvas, steel
52" X 26"  $4400

Mt. Wood  mesquite 3 views
14.5" X 13" X 10" $600

Mt. Wood view 42022-12-02 at 5.26.49 PM.jpg
Garden Gate.jpg

Garden Gate  Acrylic on canvas
Iron, 52"X 30" $5000
Haiku: rusted garden gate
creaking softly, autumn winds
lift the songbird's song.


Door  Acrylic on canvas collage
56"x31"x3.5" Assembled triptych $5300

Secret of the Deep.jpg

Secret of the Deep  Acrylic on canvas, iron  30" X 24" $2500
Haiku:  secret of the deep
a truth no longer hidden
waiting to be told

Tree Dragon seated with overhang.jpg
Tree Dragon.jpg

Tree Dragon Manzanita  33"x 15" x15" irreg. $2500  freight charge  may apply

Tree Dragpm bacl view.png
Tree Dragon detail 2.jpg
Tree Dragon detail.jpg
Tree Cavern

Additional views available upon request

Tree Dream.jpg

Tree Cavern  Acrylic on canvas over
Baltic birch board,  Mesquite  68"x42"x1.5" 
$8500  Additional Freight charge 

Tree Dream Acrylic on canvas on board, Mesquite 38"x29"x1.5"
$5000   Freight charge

One Side Fits All.jpg
Everyone's a Star.jpg

One Side Fits All Acrylic on canvas Baltic birch board 
33"x32" overall $3000 

Everyone's a Star Acrylic on canvas  Baltic birch board 30.6"x30" overall $2600 

Edo Garden Gate.jpg

Edo Garden Gate Acrylic on canvas
over Baltic Birch board, Spalted Hackberry  30"x12"x1.5" $  1200 

Where the Rubber Meets the Road.jpg

Where the Rubber Meets the Road 
Acrylic on canvas Baltic birch board
26"x32" $2500 

Clouds Story Stick.jpg

Clouds Story Stick Acrylic on canvas
Butternut  73.5"x6"x1" $2000 

Naiad  2 Part Modular  Acrylic on canvas
Spalted hackberry  30 X 30" X 30" $3000

Story Stick Stand.jpg
Story Stick Stand top.heic

Story Stick Stand top

Moonrise Story Stick.jpg

Story Stick Stand  Acrylic on canvas,  poplar 
30.25"H,  Top 10"X7.5", Base 8"X7.5"  $900 

Moonrise Story Stick Acrylic on canvas 
over Mesquite 24"x 6" irreg. $600

Wading Tree.jpg

Wading Tree  Top Acrylic on canvas over Baltic birch board  Olive Wood
12.25"Hx21"Wx12"D  $1600 

Wading Tree Olive Wood.jpg
Wading Tree back.jpg

Olive wood  Front

Olive Wood back

Wading Tree Stand.jpg

Wading Tree  Stand  Baltic birch board  21"Hx30"Wx12"D 

Standing Free.jpg


Standing Free back view.jpg


Standing Free Acrylic on Baltic birch board, North Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Sissoo)
Column 19.5"x 10"x1.5" Base 12"x21" Additional views available  $1600 

Stand  Acrylic on canvas, balsa wood legs 19.75"H X 24"L X 12"D 

Standing Free with Stand.jpg
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