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Carol Kucera Gallery


Introducing a new collection of small, original artworks
by Carol Kucera, inspired by nature and the cosmos.


Ice Cap  Acrylic on canvas, Spalted hackberry
Birch board backing  13.25" X 17" $700

Night Lava.jpg

Night Lava  Acrylic on canvas,  Bolivian Rosewood
Birch board  7.75" X 8.5" $300


Sand Dart  Acrylic on canvas, Spalted hackberry
Birch board backing  13" X 18" $700

Exomoons  Acrylic on canvas  Spanish cedar, mesquite rounds
birch board backing 15" X 18" $800

Ylem Acrylic on canvas, wood surround
birch board backing 13.25" X 14.5" $700

Parallax Moon.jpg
Ice Cave.jpg
lack Tulip.jpg

Parallax Moon Acrylic on canvas, Maple
birch board backing 11.5" X 13" $500

Ice Cave  Acrylic on canvas
Canary wood, birch board
8.75" X 7.75" $300

City on a Hill.jpg
Tree Like a River.jpg

Black Tulip  Acrylic on canvas
Purple heart, birch board 8" X 8" $300

Tree like a River  Acrylic on canvas, Spalted hackberry
Birch board  7" X 12.5" $350

Whale Dreaming.jpg

City on a Hill Acrylic on paper, Spalted  hackberry,  Birch board  7" X 10" $300

Along the Shore.jpg

Whale Dreaming  Acrylic on canvas  Bloodwood
Birch board  7" X 7.75" $300

Along the Shore  Acrylic on canvas  Zebra wood, 
Birch board  7.25" X 8.75" $300

Tree Bridge.jpg

Tree Bridge  Acrylic on canvas,  Poplar, Birch board  10.5" X 23.5" $800

Urban Garden5.jpg

Urban Garden Acrylic on canvas, Cherry wood
Birch board  8.5" X 12.75  $400

Space Garden.jpg

Space Garden  Acrylic on canvas, Canary wood
Birch board  7.5" X 12.5"  $300

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